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Do you know the value of your inbound phone calls?


Choose the smart way:

Integrated Call Tracking

Account for, route and measure calls
And serve the data where you want it to go.

Make every phone call count

Most businesses take phone calls, but are rarely on top of where they have come from or the source of business. Which leads to the problem of how to account for these opportunities – because if they are a significant source of business, where they came from is vital to understanding the performance of your marketing and website.

If you have already considered call tracking, then you will find our solution much more effective and versatile than others in the market. We’ve created a solution which allows:

  • Multiple phone numbers displayed by source of visit, page or section or category
  • Call details recorded and relayed on completion of call
  • Call routing to different destinations
  • Welcome messaging
  • Integrations: any which way you want to any connected service

This is all managed through our software and relayed via API to your preferred online marketing system or dashboard.

For the connected company, this means you can get your attribution right, and track of your which marketing budgets and channels are really paying off for you.








Call tracking delivered, making attribution easy

Case Study

car dealer lead tracking scoring attribution

A leading online lead broker for car dealers, for CarQuake we setup:

All within an easy to report format so dealers are aware of how successful their offers are and where the opportunities cam from.


We reviewed their existing requirements, established the best supplier of telephone numbers and routing, connected up both systems and integrated it into their bespoke online management system.

Testing and rolling out over the course of a week with a simple migration which was as easy as updating pages in a CRM.


  • pound_icon Lower Mgmt Time
  • upwardline_icon Performance Growth
  • more_leads More Leads

Affordable and Open Source

Connect Your Business

We can help you setup any of the following:

  • Leads & CRM
  • Workflows
  • Decision Management
  • Or any of the wide range of website, app, email, social, finance, reporting or bespoke softwares you choose!

From £100 per month


And We're Open Source

We believe the best software is created in an environment of open innovation and accountability, so Omny Link is yours to test, trial or develop.

With our blessing! Just let us know how you get on.

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