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Handle More Enquiries

New enquiries are the life-blood of any business to business operation.  Yet most businesses can be distracted by a few opportunities and lose touch with some of the most valuable contacts, particularly when busy.

With Omny Link you can follow every contact all the way through the process, keep up to date, leave yourself tasks and reminders, to improve your conversion rates. It’s easy to connect your website and other sources of new enquiry directly to your customer listing, retain notes of conversations and emails, set reminders and raise proposals.

Be Faster to Respond

As you build your customer base, with increasing numbers of clients at different stages in the process, it is difficult to keep on top of business. Particularly when each contact has it’s own specific requirements and is at a certain point in the sales process.

So, to keep your prospects hot, and engaged, you need a system which helps you along the way. With Omny you can set and keep on top of client tasks. Use the workflow to ensure that certain actions are completed, send quotes and offers by email at the click of a button.

Issue Agreements

When it comes to getting the final proposal, purchase order or agreement in front of a client, then you still use the same software. You know it matters not only getting it there quickly, but also making it as easy as possible to sign.

We integrate with digital signing systems like Docusign, or can help you issue a document to send as an attachment, or to download locally to print off and witness in person. Fast, professional, efficient.


Close More Business

Which is why we are confident you will close more business with Omny. Not only that, but the cost of Omny will pay for itself over 5 times over as you use it to increase conversions and client satisfaction.

And the best bit? When you do get a client you can still continue to use the software to manage client relationships. Set yourself reminders, add tasks, manage jobs and support tickets. And when it comes to reviewing a client, everything is there in front of you.

Deliver greater value: Know what needs to be done, and get it done – faster, with less effort, all from one place.

Business to Business? It's Covered!

Want one place for your entire B2B operation?

Looking for software to help you grow? Call our team on (0)118 324 7700 and discover how we can help you improve your performance all the way through the customer journey.

The Overseer of Order

  • Usingmultiple systems to operate?
  • Drowningin tabs, docs, templates and paperwork?
  • Confusedas to where you are with each prospect or customer?

With Omny you can simplify by putting your entire work in one place. From first contact to emails, reminders to proposals, orders to ongoing work.


Affordable and Open Source

Connect Your Business

We can help you setup any of the following:

  • Leads & CRM
  • Workflows
  • Decision Management
  • Or any of the wide range of website, app, email, social, finance, reporting or bespoke softwares you choose!

From £100 per month


We're Open Source

We believe the best software is created in an environment of open innovation and accountability, so Omny Link is yours to test, trial or develop.

With our blessing! Just let us know how you get on.

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