Give Your Business a Digital Transformation

With Omny Link business owners can now operate their entire customer relationship in just one place using open source cloud software.

With functionality you need for today

The Core System combines an efficient CRM with built in Workflow so that you can oversee your sales process. There are Automations, Tasks and Alerts to help you keep on top of your business. And built in website form connectivity and realtime reporting which makes you more effective.

The Marketing Suite is perfect for the front-end business looking for more effective promotion. With advanced websites you can link products, services, schedules and content with the website via an automatic API. It offers products and stock management which can manage everything from properties to products, services to sailing boats. And the email marketing covers templates, automations and emailblasts that you’re in total control over.

Quotes and Templates is for any business that relies on sending out proposals, purchase orders and invoices to clients. Commonly called ‘Quote to Cash’ this is a vital part of any business and is prone to both time-consuming template work as well as human error. It also has scheduling functionality which helps setting up and filling appointments and sessions.

Once you successfully close a new customer, often the ongoing business is manually managed, or uses a completely separate system. With built-in Repeat Business management you can manage support tickets and jobs for client tasks.

Better still, if you want to start with the Core System, then you can add the extra functionality as and when you need it.

And more to add tomorrow

The good news with Omny is that you don’t have to use it all. Just use what you need today, and then add to your functionality on your terms, when you’re ready to do so.

Omny Link is built to connect and share data, to extend functionality and to transform businesses. With built in workflows, custom fields, templates and decision tables, it offers a level of customisation that fits the way you want to work.

So if you’ve suffered through compromise or are being held back by your current system, or perhaps you have no system at all and want to digitally transform. Then talk to us, we can help you work smarter.

The Hoover of Headaches

  • Difficult to remember where you left off?
  • Missing vital deadlines?
  • Forgetting important calls or information?

Suck up your headaches into our system and let it tell you where, when, how….. at your fingertips!


Affordable and Open Source

Connect Your Business

We can help you setup any of the following:

  • Leads & CRM
  • Workflows
  • Decision Management
  • Or any of the wide range of website, app, email, social, finance, reporting or bespoke softwares you choose!

From £100 per month


We're Open Source

We believe the best software is created in an environment of open innovation and accountability, so Omny Link is yours to test, trial or develop.

With our blessing! Just let us know how you get on.

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