Never Drop a Lead

With Omny Link you can become a much more tenacious business. You never need to drop an enquiry, miss a contact opportunity or not have the information you need in front of you. We can connect up website forms, telephone tracking and documentation all in one place.

Inbound and Outbound Support

Most lead management systems are tailored for outbound, sales-led enquiries. Which is the way it used to be done. But imagine if you could not just call or email out, but you could see the full picture? Emails in, calls in, documents sent and what stage in the sales process they are: all specific to the way you conduct your business. Omny Link would make your business much more fulfilling.

Multi-Tenant, Many Views

Most businesses also have more than one market: and when you ask ‘who is your customer’ it generally is more than one and sometimes several different internal and external clients are involved. With Omny Link you can not only manage different types of customer, but also what they can see and also where they’ve got to in the process. Perfect when spinning many plates.

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Case Study

CarQuake shook up the UK automotive marketplace..

CarQuake is a company which looks at things differently.

When taking on the UK automotive market it was clear that there was much which needed improving, primarily about utilising the data customers give more intelligently. Customers register on first visit to the site and complete the customer profile data (based on the type of car they are looking for) which anonymises this information, but matches fields qualitatively.

The profile of the customer is further refined based on replies to email, social and offers made. A clever algorithm selects similar cars based on their profile and responses to offers so far. The data is further harnessed for remarketing purposes.

The automation of this ‘data function’ results in the following benefits:

  • Specific on-site targeting with similar offers
  • Automated email responses to customers depending on availability of the car they are interested in
  • Customer service emails and follow up to further improve the sales lead to sale conversion rate
  • With intelligent remarketing, the conversion rate from sales leads is doubled compared to without using Omny

This is an example of the customer engagement process with CarQuake where we match specific enquiries in specific locations and regions to the most appropriate dealers:

Automated customer engagement


The Result was:

Being able to liberate the data in an intelligent and automated way, enabled CarQuake dealers to increase their conversion rate by 100%

  • increase performance handle leads better Increased performance
  • reduce spend through better monetisation Reduced cost of enquiry
  • save time by automating lead handling Automated email

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Affordable and Open Source

Connect Your Business

We can help you setup any of the following:

  • Leads & CRM
  • Workflows
  • Decision Management
  • Or any of the wide range of website, app, email, social, finance, reporting or bespoke softwares you choose!

From £100 per month


We're Open Source

We believe the best software is created in an environment of open innovation and accountability, so Omny Link is yours to test, trial or develop.

With our blessing! Just let us know how you get on.

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